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Prusa i3+ 3D Printer

Available in both kit and fully assembled.

MyOpen3D does all of the research and testing work for Prusa i3+ users, carefully vetting components on the market before choosing and packing the best of the best into every one of our kits.


Open Source at Heart

  • Prusa i3+ owners can rely on a vast community of open source developers and shared designs that have endured rigorous testing to produce a refined and robust platform.

  • A true RepRap, the Prusa i3+ is capable of printing its own plastic components. We include the design files for these parts with our kits, both to allow users to print spares, and to allow for tinkering and upgrading parts to users’ specific needs.

  • The Prusa i3+ also has an open frame design that allows for adjustment to any user’s specific needs, allowing for limitless modification potential.


  • Print Volume
        X-Axis: 200mm/7.8 inches
        Y-Axis: 200mm/7.8 inches
        Z-Axis: 180mm/7.0 inches

  • Compatible with virtually any 1.75mm thermoplastic filament.

  • Average Speeds*
        Low Quality: 80-90mm/sec
        Medium Quality: 60-70mm/sec
        High Quality: 40-50mm/sec
        *Dependent on filament used.

  • Resolution*
        Perimeters: -/+0.02mm
        Sharp Corners: -/+0.1mm
        XYZ Right Angle Alignment: ~1%
        * Medium settings & defualt nozzle.

What's Next

Lil' Milly CNC Mill

The etching, end-milling, and engraving mill that can do most anything. Lil' Milly is designed around a simple and easily-assembled frame, which makes it possible for anyone to both learn about CNC milling and have a very capable hobby mill within their own homes.

Geo Dome Maker Kit

This kit brings the fun of assembling a geodesic dome and combines it with a simple lesson on properly calculating pole-lenths in order to achieve variously-sized domes. Build a tiny 6-inch dome or a much larger 2-foot dome using the same kit!


Blimpy is a remote-controlled, helium-filled blimp with dual tilt control props, allowing for forward-acceleration, full left-right motion, and altitude-control. 

Classes & Workshops

Introduction to Open Source
3D Printers and Printing

Totally unfamiliar with 3D printing, yet have been interested in pursuing it as a hobby, purchasing your own printer, or are simply fascinated with the technology? This is the class for you! Topics covered will be an overview of Open Source/Open Hardware and their respective communities, the various types of 3D printers, how to go about selecting your first printer, the benefits of self-assembly, an overview of filaments, and much more to get you started on the road to 3d printing.


Class Length: 4 Hours - Cost: $250

Geodesic Dome Workshop

The geodesic dome, an architectural structure popularized by Buckinster Fuller in the 1940's, remains one of the sturdiest structures for its weight in the modern era. From the massive baseball stadium in Fukuona, Japan, all the way down to private residences and smaller, the geodesic dome continues to be a marvel of modern architectural engineering. In this workshop, we will cover the basic assembly of geo domes, the engineering behind what makes them so sturdy, and walk class participants through the simple math to calculate dome size and then assembe their own small-scale geo domes.

Class Length: 2 Hours - Cost: TBD


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